Eye in The Sky: Leonardo da Vinci Looking Down

eye sky davinci leonardo louvre paris rlart

This is an authentic picture of eye in the sky, taken while exhibiting in Louvre, Paris back in 2015. "Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake? ” – Leonardo da Vinci

Salon Art Shopping, Paris

Ron Labryzz exhibited title "TBD - Victoria", abstract art, at Salon Art Shopping fair in ‪Carrousel du Louvre‬, ‪Paris‬, held 12-14.6.2015, via PAKS Gallery.

Art Expo New York 2016

The Artexpo New York 2016 Poster Challenge theme this year is "Chroma." Whether that means a spectrum of color, purity of color, intensity of a particular color, or some other creative interpretation.  The winner will receive - "Chroma" themed artwork, name, and title on the Artexpo New York 2016 Official Poster to be distributed at Artexpo New …

Parallax Art Fair, London

Ron Labryzz's abstract art artworks will be available at the upcoming Parallax Art Fair, held 23 - 25.10.2015, in Chelsea Town Hall, King's Road, London.  We look forward to seeing you there!