3 Tips For Capturing Unforgettable Family Moments

Preserve The Best Of Times

It’s not good to live in the past, but it is good to remember it; for the past brings us to the present, and the present is the door to the future. Pictures are a great balance between memorial, and becoming ingrained in times of yore which are no more. A part of your home filled with family photos from when the children were young can be very dear.

But getting the best pictures—a preservation of a moment from the past—requires planning in the present for future photography moments. You want to have a strategy in play. For example, if you’re expecting a newborn, months before the baby comes, you want to take time to set up a digital album, or get a baby book.

Certainly you could just snap pictures on whim, but you’re going to miss some of your favorite moments, and they will be the ones to cherish in years to come. A little forethought can go a long way, here! With this in mind, following are three tips to help you catch those unforgettable family moments.

3 Tips For Capturing Unforgettable Family Moments
  1. Take Many Photos—Film Is No Cost Anymore

Before, film limited your capture of memorable moments to about thirty-two pictures. Then you’d need to pull out the roll and put in another. Now, with digital photography you’ve got a smartphone with essentially no limits, and the ability to capture high-definition photos.

So don’t just take one while everybody is posing; snap as many as you can! You can delete the ones you don’t like, upload the ones you do, and essentially capture an infinite number of photos.

  1. Know The Times

This strategy was briefly outlined in the opening of this writing, and here’s the gist: you want to have a strategy in place which takes into account life’s ebbs and flows. Summertime ends in August for the children, even though Autumn doesn’t technically begin until late September. Family vacations are likely somewhere in the middle.

Christmastime brings green, snow, and festive attitudes. The springtime likewise has its flavor, as do the chilly, rainy days of February. Your family will be in different places doing different things at different times during the year; but you can anticipate them. Be strategic about setting up picture opportunities throughout the year, and you can continuously catch your young ones in various stages of development.

Think about sports, for instance. Every few years, your young ones are in a different league, which means different sized equipment and jerseys. If you’re smart, you can catch your children maturing into young adults in a way that may even be artistically viable. Imagine a time-lapse of your young one as every year goes by while they play baseball.

  1. Set Up A Picture Room

A picture room can be ideal. Here’s what you do: go to a site like Denny Manufacturing and pick up a few backdrops which correspond to times of the year. When you’re about to take that dream vacation, snap a few photos in the picture room before you go.

When school starts, set up bricks and books in a little creche, and get pictures of the kids in their school outfits and backpacks. (You can get some fine pet photos this way too, if you don’t have any young ones.)

Setting up a little space like this can help you save money on family portraits, too. All you need is a light, a backdrop, and a tripod. Set the ten-second timer on your phone, and you can capture better family photos than a professional photographer at a fraction of the cost. Plus, you don’t have to leave the house.

3 Tips For Capturing Unforgettable Family Moments2

Memorializing Life’s Moments

Life goes fast; that becomes more apparent the longer you live. Part of the reason life moves so quick is people become involved in a routine which becomes habitual, and expedites perception of time passing.

What you want to do is make part of your daily routine involve catching the finer moments in your family’s development; then you’ll always be able to fondly look back from where you are to see how far you’ve come.